Hi, my name is Dr. Gillian

Hi, my name is Dr. Gillian. I'm a proud (exhausted) mama of 2, a wife, and a Chiropractor for moms & babes.


I've dedicated my professional career to helping moms function with minimal pain through pregnancy, prepare their bodies for labour and help their babies get off to a great start!


Motherhood is hard... I became a mom and lost my mom in the same year. Navigating through pregnancy, birth and stepping into motherhood has been utterly challenging for me. I'm here to help you simplify pregnancy & postpartum. I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. To share my most cherished tips, tricks and resources when you are feeling overwhelmed. And to support you on this wild journey.


I love connecting with mamas because we all have an incredible story and have so much to learn from one another.


All I can say is thank you, for being here and sharing this space with me.



You can read my real life story here